Produced by SupplySide West 2019 (“Show Management” or “we”), a division of Informa Exhibitions, LLC.(“Informa”)
By completing and returning this contract, the company identified on this contract form (“you” or “exhibitor”) is applying for exhibit space at the SupplySide West 2019 (the “Show”). Upon written confirmation of acceptance by Show Management and assignment of exhibit space, this contract shall become effective and form a binding agreement between you and Show Management governing the non-assignable license granted to you to use exhibit space for the Show. The agreement formed incorporates (i) the terms and conditions set forth on this contract form and the Additional Terms and Conditions (accessible at (collectively, “Terms and Conditions”); (ii) the terms, conditions, rules, regulations and guidelines set forth in the Exhibitor Services Kit (accessible at; and (iii) compliance (accessible at (iiii) all additional standards, policies and directives (“Policies”) published or provided by Show Management relating to the Show (collectively, the “Agreement”). The foregoing shall control in the following order of priority to the extent there is any direct conflict between or among them: first, the Terms and Conditions, second, the Exhibitor Services Kit, and third, the Policies. Show Management reserves the right to reject any application for exhibit space for any reason.
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Fee Schedule
Quantity Product Information Totals
Linear Booth - Every 100 square feet of booth space includes: back drape, 3’ draped side rails, and 4 exhibitor badges. Please enter the number of square feet requested for your booth.
x $71.00 =
Island Booth - Every Island includes: square feet and exhibitor badges (4 badges per 100 sq. ft.). Please enter square footage with a minimum of 200 sq. ft. An Island is any 200 sq. ft. booth and larger that is not connected to any other booth.
x $79.00 =
Corner Premium
x $700.00 =
Package A - 100 square feet of booth space, back wall with custom graphics, counter with custom graphic kick panel, (1) starbase table, (2) padded chairs, (1) padded stool, (1) wastebasket, carpet, electricity, vacuuming and 4 exhibitor badges. Includes booth square footage.
x $13,500.00 =
Package B - 100 square feet of booth space, back wall structure – solid inset wall panels, set-up and removal, (1) graphic header (1) center wall graphic, (6) shelves, (1) padded stool, (1) wastebasket, lockable welcome counter w/ graphics & locking doors, carpet, (1) Arm light, (2) tracks with (4) lights including electricity, booth vacuuming and 4 exhibitor badges. Includes booth square footage.
x $15,000.00 =
Package C - 200 square feet of booth space, curved graphic back wall structure with (3) shelves, set-up and removal, (4) padded chairs, (1) starbase table, (1) wastebasket, lockable welcome counter w/graphics & locking doors, carpet, (5) arm lights including electricity, vacuuming and 8 exhibitor badges. Includes booth square footage.
x $26,500.00 =
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Fifty percent (50%) of the total fee for the exhibit space is due at the time contract is signed. The balance is due on June 7, 2019. Applications received on or after June 7, 2019 must be accompanied by 100% of the fee and must be paid by cashier’s check or money order. (100% of the fee for ancillary marketing and promotional services is due with contract, unless otherwise indicated.)
Once this contract form is signed by the Exhibitor and exhibit space is allocated to the Exhibitor by Show Management, the Exhibitor is contracted to the exhibit space. Cancellation requests must be in writing, and agreement by show management to any request for cancellation or reduction of space shall be subject to the following fees: Cancellations and booth downsizes received by June 7, 2019 are subject to a fee equal to 50% of the booth price. Cancellations and booth downsizes received on or after June 8, 2019 are subject to a fee equal to 100% of the booth space. Cancellations will result in forfeit of all exhibitor badges.
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This application becomes a contract upon acceptance by Informa Exhibitions (Show Management).
By submitting this contract, Exhibitor and/or Agency representative acknowledges and confirms that he/she has read the entire Exhibit Application/Contract, including the Terms and Conditions, understands that each form is an integral part of this Exhibit Application/Contract and agrees to be bound by the entire Exhibit Application/Contract.
By clicking ‘Register’, this DOES NOT complete the booth contract process. Once you have completed all fields on this page and click ‘Register’, you will receive an email from with instructions to electronically sign the booth contract. Once signed, your contract will be processed within 48 hours and a confirmation will be sent to your email.